We offer several different training options to help you get the results you want in the time you have available. All training is done in individual lessons that allow us to focus entirely on your dog and the issues you are having. During your consultation session, we will discuss with you what training option may best suit your specific needs and develop a personalized plan to get you and your dog on the right paw.

Individual Tutoring

This program involves a series of individual sessions at your home where we will work with you and your dog to achieve basic obedience and address behavioral issues. This focused program allows you to choose the frequency and length of sessions based on your goals and lifestyle. You and your dog will have some homework after each session to help solidify what was learned during the lesson.

Canine Academy

This is a multiple week dog training and boarding program followed by a series of handler training sessions to teach you how to effectively handle your newly trained cadet. We will bring your dog into our home to completely revamp your dog's behavior and send him or her home ready to be a well mannered member of your family. The Canine Academy is the perfect solution for people who may not have adequate time to dedicate to training or those looking for something more worthwhile than just boarding while headed out for vacation.

Home School

This option is for those people who would like the accelerated learning of the Canine Academy, but would prefer their furry friend get to stay home at night. We will train your dog during your workday and schedule weekly handler sessions at your convenience. The Home School program is customizable to fit your goals and schedule.