case files

Name: Bruce
Description: Pit Bull Terrier
Offense: Unlawful Detention
Sentence: Home Schooling

Bruce came in as an adult rescue with an unknown history. While very friendly, his new family was concerned for his safety as he was exhibiting signs of severe separation anxiety and very destructive tendencies. The problem was to the point that they avoided leaving the home because he would become so stressed that he would injure himself trying to escape his crate or chewing and scratching doors and furniture. We decided that the Home Schooling program would be his best option and started right away helping him become comfortable in and enjoy his crate. Once he was seeing his crate as a positive place, we began working with him to improve his comfortable duration alone and build his confidence and sense of security within his new environment. At completion of his program and handler sessions with his owners, Bruce had adjusted nicely to the routine of his new family and found the reassurance he needed to get back to the business of being a dog.

Name: Guss
Description: Australian Shepherd
Offense: Unlawful Use of Teeth
Sentence: Canine Academy

Guss came in as an adult dog with a bite history. His owners had reached their breaking point when a mail carrier was bit severely enough to warrant a police report and hospital visit. The owners chose the board and train option and we began to get to the roots of his aggressive outbursts. Guss started with having some structure put into his daily life and learned to follow the direction of handlers instead of making decisions himself. We focused heavily on creating a few solid commands and teaching him not to break command even when faced with distraction or his own insecurity. At completion of his training, Guss was able to walk in public again without reverting back to his old ways and responded to the direction of his owners, much to the delight of postal workers everywhere.

Name: Chloe
Description: Cairn Terrier
Offense: Escape from Lawful Custody
Sentence: Individual Tutoring

Chloe came in as a happy, friendly adult dog with some less than stellar habits. The owners said that while she was overall a good dog, they were having issues with her charging the door and escaping, sometimes for days. The Individual Tutoring program seemed like the best option for them and we began teaching some basic obedience. We focused on making sure that the owners were very clear about giving her a definite beginning and end to each exercise and that Chloe understood that exercises were not complete until the owner signaled their end. We also worked with her to build some value into being home in the yard so she would be more inclined to stay there or return on her own if she was ever loose. Chloe no longer charges the door, waits to be released when going outside and successfully spends time off leash in the yard with her family.

Name: Bosco
Description: Weimaraner
Offense: Jumping to Endangerment
Sentence: Home Schooling

Bosco came in as a young adult dog with more excitement than he could contain. His owner's main complaint was that they couldn't stop his exhilarated jumping. He would jump when people came to the door, when someone would enter a room, at feeding time or when coming in from the back yard. They had tried visiting a pet store training class and had very little success managing his incessant jumping, so they were ready to try something else. Bosco's owners liked the Home Schooling option, so we started right away with getting him reeled in with some obedience. Once he had a solid foundation of commands we began testing him with more household distractions and worked through his triggers so he could develop better habits. At the completion of his sessions, Bosco learned the error of his ways and his family was much happier with their dog's manners. They continue to reinforce his good behavior and company no longer have paw prints on their clothing.

Name: Maya
Description: Labrador Retriever
Offense: Disturbing the Peace
Sentence: Individual Tutoring

Maya came in as the typical happy-go-lucky, rambunctious puppy needing a little guidance. Her owners were having trouble because their older, more mature dog found Maya's puppy exuberance more than a little annoying and their home had gone from peaceful sanctuary to chaotic battlefield. After observing some interaction it seemed like Individual Tutoring would be the way to go and we began by adding some structure to the puppy's everyday life. As is the case with most puppies, Maya was a quick learner and the owners soon had two invaluable tools to help keep the peace in their home: the "come" and "crate" commands. With added structure and the puppy's new obedience skills, the owners could give their older dog the space she needed and allow both dogs to start building a better, more polite, relationship.

Name: Diablo
Description: Husky
Offense: Disorderly Conduct
Sentence: Canine Academy

Diablo came in as a very energetic, young dog with little respect for his owners and problems walking on a leash. His owners complained that he didn't listen, was protesting walking controllably on a leash by jumping, pulling and nipping as well as marking inappropriately. After discussing options, the owners opted for a two week board & train. Diablo learned basic obedience with lots of focus on heeling and we spent time getting him used to more structure and remaining calm and relaxed on a bed and in a crate. After teaching the owners how to effectively work with their dog, they could then walk Diablo comfortably and keep him under control. He began responding well to them in a more calm fashion and he has become well mannered in the home.