Originally from Boston, Daryl is a well rounded and experienced dog trainer with a sincere passion for helping animals. She has worked with trainers from around the country in various disciplines and a diverse range of training methods to equip herself with the expertise needed to help any dog. The focus of her training is to help each dog understand what is expected of them and teach the owner how to communicate best with their dog, all while using the most positive and time effective methods possible.

Daryl's first venture into dog training was purely out of charity. She found a stunning German Shepherd that was being given up for severe aggression in New York and decided to take her in. After several books, a few trainers and lots of trial and error, she finally understood how to get through to and train this dog. In what many would consider a short time span, this previously aggressive dog was a model canine citizen and had sparked Daryl's passion for training. To this day you will still see her frequently fostering dogs, volunteering for shelters or rescues and promoting pet adoption (please see our "Adopt a Pet" page!)

Over the years Daryl has worked with breeds from little Chihuahuas to huge Saint Bernards (in one case, they were in the same family!) and issues from basic puppy training to severe aggression. She has a keen "dog sense" for lack of a better term that allows her a better understanding of the dogs she works and therefore, more successful results than trainers that are stuck on only one method, or teach right from a manual. The flexibility of her training methods, perceptive nature, and true passion for dogs have granted her success with some of the most difficult cases and dogs labeled as "un-trainable".

Through all of her training and experience with different breeds, Daryl has maintained a soft spot for German Shepherds and currently owns a 9 year old rescue, Cassie and 4 year old protection sport competitor, Kiki. She has also found a love for the beautiful but notoriously challenging breed, the Tibetan Mastiff, after raising her dog Bauer. She recently adopted a 6 month old TM cross named Calamity Jane from a rescue in California. You will often find her "pack" taking turns training as they each have their own specialties, hiking the scenic trails of the Colorado mountains or out and about fulfilling their role as B Good Canines ambassadors.