Training is an essential part of having a good relationship with your dog. It's not just about teaching Fido to balance a bone on his nose or sit pretty. It's about finding a way to communicate effectively with your dog to improve your bond and ensure your dog's safety. At B Good Canines, we teach your dog what you expect of them, and you how to successfully communicate with your dog to obtain reliable results in real world situations. So if you find yourself saying "My puppy walks great on a leash except when..." or "Fido always listens unless..." give us a call. We can also help your dog who bit the UPS guy learn to balance a bone on her nose too if that's what you're looking for (and of course help her find a more suitable way of greeting visitors). Whatever your training needs are, we're here to help.

Name: Bruce
Offense: Unlawful Detention
Sentence: Home Schooling
Name: Maya
Offense: Disturbing the Peace
Sentence: Individual Tutoring
Name: Bosco
Offense: Jumping to Endanger
Sentence: Home Schooling

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Want to help homeless animals and enjoy an evening out? Come to Woof & Wine on May 31st! Wine and food tasting along with live entertainment and a silent auction all to benefit the animals of the South Platte Valley Humane Society. Please visit the Woof & Wine site for time and ticket info.

Dog Training Tip: When your dog swipes that sock you dropped while carrying the laundry or makes a getaway with your guest's sunglasses, resist the urge to chase her, that's exactly what she wants! Instead, try running the other way to entice her to come to you and trade treats or a toy for the item. You can even use a diversion to get her interested in something else like getting a leash if she enjoys walks or jingling the car keys if she likes joy rides.

Hello Colorado! B Good Canines is excited to announce our opening in Colorado Springs! We've switched our adventure walks from East coast beaches to Rocky Mountain trails and we are loving it. We also appreciate the long history of service that this area has and are now offering a training discount for active duty and retired military, thank you for your service!

Featured Shelter Dog: Briana is a sweet, housetrained, 3 year old lab mix. This new mom is good with kids, cats and other dogs and would love a family to call her own. Please contact New Hope Rescue to adopt this adorable girl!!